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Fill n' Finish Thin | Filler, Finisher, Top Coat – Flexible Non Creeping Water Clear Wood Finish Formula With Zero to Minimal Witness Lines


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Flexible. Water Clear, and Non Creeping Formula with Zero to Minimal Witness Lines!

Get superior results with this non-creeping, water clear, non-brittle, flexible pro formula top coat and repair solution. Use as a base coat during drop fills and as a top coat after Fill n Finish Pro Formula. Also, perfect for less porous woods, like ebony, maple, some rosewoods and Koa, which require a thinner finishing product that will penetrate further.

• Great for repairing all types of cracks
• Use as a top coat over Fill n’ Finish Pro Formula for perfect base coat in build ups
• Suitable for small brush work and wick-ins for lifting inlays prior to clamping
• Use as a stain sealer
• Other uses include as a flexible top coat, for finish work on inlays, and on any areas that a brittle, thin glue would fail
• Safe for use on all finishes, Nitro, Lacquer, Poly, urethane, and even water-based finishes
• You can shoot lacquer right over Fill n' Finish Thin with completely invisible results!
• No creeping and zero to minimal witness lines every time! 

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  1. Rich Guerrero, RG Custom Basses 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Sep 28th 2016

    As a first-time project, I also did an entire guitar with Fill n’Finish. While it was quite the learning curve to do such a large area, I did a finish in days rather than weeks. So yes, I am in love with your products! They work for just about everything I can throw at them.

  2. Linda Manzer 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Sep 28th 2016

    I love these products. Fill n' Finish is a real game changer for finishers because it blends beautifully and invisibly with my finishes. Thank you.

  3. Paul Miles, Director of Private Stock, Acoustics and PTC Paul Reed Smith Guitars 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Sep 28th 2016

    The Fill n' Finish filler you gave me has changed my life, I swear! You can even use it on Nitro. There is no sinking, no white marks, and no circles. Finally!!!

  4. Scott Holyfield, Master Repair Tech, Glaser Instruments Nashville 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Sep 28th 2016

    I love Fill n' Finish and use it for drop fills all the time - I just love it. I’ve turned many people onto it too - it’s great. For polyester finishes and urethane finishes, it’s perfect. It doesn’t distort the shape when you accelerate it, which is the general problem with using CA glue on finish is when you accelerate it it just goes crazy, and you have to work yourself to death to smooth it out, and with Fill n' Finish you don’t. I love it - it’s the best I’ve used.

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